I like to believe that I have an open mind to all things in the world and one topic that I like to look at is Out of Body Experiences (OBE).

I have no recollection of ever having an OBE but I certainly do take an interest in people and their views on the topic.

I have found that just like the topic on Ghosts it is something that dates way back! One thing I have found as a common link tends to be a link with a near/successful death experience.

Now before I go any further on this lets take a step back and look at the picture as a whole.

If there really is something that leaves our physical body when we pass on, containing our conscious and our thoughts, then doesn’t that mean that this something is always inside of us? SO if this is the case then surely there are ways and means to ‘release’ this whether willingly or not? I have to admit I find it amusing when I talk to people about the paranormal and the conversation in a nutshell tends to go “Ghosts? – Sure!” “OBE – Well now you’re just being silly!”.

I don’t understand how some people will believe so strongly in something that’s deemed as paranormal but make up rules and regulations on another topic of it when there simply aren’t any hard or fast rules to this.

But anyway I digress. Let’s get back on point.


So from what I have heard and read about OBE it is when the spirit where the conscience lives is able to leave the physical body and access the spirit world while still being attached to the physical body.

The attachment has been described as a silver cord which comes out of the belly button, quite similar to an umbilical cord. This allows the spirit traveler to stay attached to the physical body so they are able to return to the world we live and know of.

So this cord is made of stern stuff. It is something that is very difficult to break. I’ve heard two answers on “What happens if for some reason it does break”. One answer is you get thrown straight back into your physical body with a bit of a jolt and the second answer is the opposite where it just takes you  a bit longer to get back. Nothing like something out of the Insidious films but my knowledge on the subject is limited. Also i’m inexperienced in it myself.

I have heard of the odd horror stories of people undertaking an OBE only to find a demon stood over them or waiting by their body for when they return so if you are thinking of giving this a go maybe look into protection on the other side before hand.

I know one of the pioneers in EVP and the paranormal in general, George Meek, had also performed OBE. He was able to capture some interesting pictures which he showed at some of his talks. These can be found on either Google or YouTube and are quite compelling.

Other stories on the subject tend to be a lot from patients who are in surgery and are able to pass on information on things they have seen on top of lockers etc while they had the experienc

So I just wanted to write this article as more of a quick way to get my limited knowledge of what i know out there and see if any readers would like to comment on their thoughts or experiences with this. A topic that for me is extremely fascinating as it, in theory, offers a glimpse into the what is waiting for us when we pass.

Of course it could just be some people having a dream but I’ll leave that there for now and let anyone wanting to comment to do so.

Thank you for reading this article. I look forward to any responses!