All kinds of Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) equipment has been developed throughout the years. Since the first developments of recording equipment there have been unknown voices captured who people believe to be spirit voices where the voices of the deceased are trying (and in some cases able) to communicate with the living world.

Let’s go back to the 70’s where a Latvian parapsychologist called Konstantin Raudive is hard at work developing ways to communicate with the deceased. Through his years of pioneering work he released a book called ‘Breakthrough’. Included in the book was something called the ‘Raudive Diode’.

Now anyone is able to re-create this and many have. The way it works is it only captures voices that come through radio frequencies. Without going too in-depth the diode is structured inside a Faraday cage to stop any radio stations getting through. You can not record human voices because of this. This meant that if you wanted to record your own voice for questions you would need a second device to record that segment then edit later on. The problem with that is people may believe that tampering has occurred which is the opposite of what we, as paranormal investigators, are trying to work against.

So the ‘game changer’ has come from a company called “Photomix” who have developed the Raudive Diode with a switch to allow an external microphone to record voices from the living for questions then to switch back for the, hopefully, spirit response. This again is a bit of a game changer as it now allows day time investigations. The reason why a lot of popular TV shows investigate at night, apart from the fact it creates a thrilling atmosphere, is to lower the possibility of sound contamination from animal or busy city life etc. Investigating during these ‘ghostly’ hours means that most of the world is asleep and contamination is dropped to a minimum. While it’s still not great for using other pieces of equipment this gives the opening for possible short day time investigations.

I have ordered one of these for myself and now the hard part of waiting patiently for the item to arrive has begun. Upon arrival and a couple of experiments I will post a review of the item for a better idea on what the item has to offer.

If you are interested in this product please visit sites such as ‘Etsy’ and search “Raudive Diode” or for another site use this link…

I am in no way an affiliate of the product I’m simply sharing my findings to other people who may share the same interests as me with the paranormal.

Alternatively you can YouTube “Raudive Diode” and see what results others have had.

Again, I want to thank you for stopping by to read this blog. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and I will post again soon.