It’s not been a good week in the press for the paranormal.

It has been recently hit by a news article regarding Professor Brian Cox and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) where.

Professor Cox has declared that the evidence states there is no such thing as ghosts because if there is, due to the energy levels used to interact with our bodies, it would have been detected by the LHC by now.

So if this is the case, who have all the pioneers of the past been communicating with? Has it all been a fake?

The likes of Konstantin Raudive, who developed extensive research equipment for Electronic Voice Phonomena (EVP) , Geroge Meek who not only managed to communicate with a deceased Dr but photographed his own out of body experience and Mark Macy who developed the Illuminator which has been designed to show faces of the deceased over the top of your own?

Not to mention previous inventors like Thomas Edison who believed he could in fact create a phone that could communicate with the dead. Unfortunately the inventor passed away before he could complete his work.

This is but a short list of what has been seen as paranormal progress over the years.

In more modern times YouTube is flooded with unexplained paranormal activity as well as reality TV shows. We see Huff paranormal frequently communicate with the other side and we watch the guys on TV such as Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown constantly retrieve evidence from supposedly haunted locations.

Could every single one of these be fake?

I have my own beliefs but what do you think?

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