So there’s a few non-electrical ways that have come about over the years for making contact with the spirit world.

One that seems to be famous in both reality and the big screens is the Ouija Board. But what other ways have been developed using just stationery around the house?

Now I’m only going to skim the surface on these ones. If any of these take your fancy and you want to give them a go please look into the safe way to do these. You don’t want anything unwanted hanging around afterwards.

So now I’ve mentioned the bit to be mindful of, let’s move on.

Charlie Charlie

This is known as either the Charlie Charlie pencil game or the Charlie Charlie Challenge. The way this works is a piece of paper (typically A4 size) is divided into four sections. The words “YES” or “NO” are placed in each of the boxes. There is never the same answer next to each so for example working from Top left and working clockwise round  it would go “YES”, “NO”, “YES”, “NO”. Hopefully you’re still following me at this point and I haven’t confused things! Next two pencils are placed on the page following the dividing line so they are in neutral positions and take the shape of a cross or +. It is important to note that the top pencil should be balancing and should not have an end touching the paper.

Now that you’re all set up it’s time to ‘play’ the game. When you ask questions you kind of follow the same guidelines of Simon Says. Before you ask a question you are supposed to say “Charlie Charlie” first. So for example “Charlie Charlie can we play?”. You then wait for the top pencil to move to line up with either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

After watching a few videos on this and trying to find some ‘rules’, the best I could find is that at the end you ask if it is ok to leave the game and then you are to break the pencils. If the stories on this are true then it is wise to follow this closure as it is said that Charlie is in fact a demon that will happily hang around afterwards and cause mischief if the opportunity arises.

Automatic Writing

So with automatic writing it’s combining meditation along with your stationery equipment. By entering a meditating state you open your mind up to channeling a spirit and you simply start to write on the paper in this channeling state. When you come out of this state there should be words on the paper that you don’t remember writing. Now although this blog post is about using stationary,you can technically use a laptop/computer and do the same to type into a word document. It’s that simple, in theory! Of course taking yourself to that state without dropping the pen/pencil or falling asleep is probably the most challenging part. This is something I have not tried yet but my guess is it’s something you can only become good at with practice and the right frame of mind.

Planchette Writing

This is the one that needs something slightly more than your average stationary and something I have done on a ‘commercial’ ghost night. A planchette which is a essentially a small piece of wood (“Little Plank” in French) on wheels with a pen/pencil in the middle of it, on this particular night it was a dry wipe marker on a white board, is placed in the middle of the board. The words “YES” and “NO” were written on opposite ends with the centre being a kind of don’t know or don’t want to answer area. A small group (including myself at one stage) would lightly place their hands on the object to transfer energy. Each person would then take it in turn to ask the YES/NO question and see if there was any movement. If there is, after each movement, the planchette is placed back into the centre to reset and ask another question.

On the night that I went there was different speeds of movement at different parts of the seance. This is believed to be different spirits taking control of the planchette to answer the questions. What I liked about it was the change of the whole feel or energy in the room which seemed to be when there was a kind of changeover. Then at the end when it all started to go quiet the energy started to feel flat and it all came to a natural end.

There was no need to close any portals or break anything to end this method apart from being polite and thanking the spirits for their participation in helping our research.


So there’s some simple ways to communicate with spirits. If you have tried any of these then please comment and let me know how it went. Also by all means help fill in any information I have missed on these three topics or if you have any Do’s and Don’ts that you feel need to be shared.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it’s one that you have enjoyed.