A fair few investigations ago, when I admittedly got caught up in the paranormal hype on the TV, I decided to pick up a night vision camera, a spirit box and a dictaphone to head out and find my own evidence on whether there is life after death!

We (my brother and I) found an abandoned asylum not 10 minutes from where I live and headed out in an early afternoon for an investigation that we though would change our view on the afterlife forever.

As I got closer to where the sat nav was taking us it dawned on me that I had no idea what I was doing! The closest I had ever got to this kind of work was watching 3 famous ghost ‘adventurers’ on my TV.

The destination is reached and we make a recce of where we want to conduct this investigation.

All the windows are boarded up with a tall metal fence around the perimeter displaying a “No Trespassing” sign. We shimmy under the fence but have no joy at gaining entry. Outside one of the windows I turn on the P-SB7 box and attempt to make contact….

Minutes pass and nothing comes through. After a few walk rounds of the outside we decide to head back feeling a little disheartened.

We notice in the woodland an entrance to a tunnel. I remembered that a lot of hospitals/asylums had underground tunnels to get from ward to ward.

So we descend. Its pitch black and I forgot to set my camera to manual focus so I don’t even get anything descent to look navigate me properly on my viewfinder.

Feeling a little out of our depth we decide to call it quits there and come back at a later date.

The car journey home was chit chat about what we should and could have done better ready for next time.

I get back and listen to the dictaphone only to hear nothing that I was hoping for. I watch through the poor workmanship on the camera squinting at all the minor details wishing for something to appear on a broken window or door….nothing.

Then it gets to the tunnel and as I sit there starting to daydream about something else, a sound ever so subtle grabs my attention.

Let me know what you think. I have the clip playing normally once then slowed down for the second time. You hear the camera trying to focus, a popping sound then what I believe to be a voice talking. But its extremely muffled as if someone has come right up to the microphone and spoken too close for the microphone to record cleanly.

I believe this to be a type C EVP but what do you think? Did I get something, or nothing apart from wishful thinking?