I had never had any kind of encounter that I was aware of with the paranormal.
That was until I moved into my latest house!
Now I’ve been here for a few years, and I have to say it hasn’t been like something out of a movie but more like subtle hints with events that have unfolded over time.

Below is a list of events that have happened with short descriptions.

Event Number 1
When my daughter was born I used a white noise generator app on my smartphone to sooth her when she got really unsettled.
There was one particular time I used it where a voice came through. It wasn’t long enough to make a sentence or even a word but it was enough for my wife and I to look at each other as with a confused expression as if to say “Did you just hear that?”

Event Number 2
One of the nights when our youngest daughter was still a baby and sleeping in our room, I had gone to sleep in the spare room due to having a bad cough that kept waking all three of us up in the night. My wife woke up to the feeling of me pressing down on her back to find her whereabouts in the bed so I could climb in quietly and go back to sleep. When my wife rolled over to greet me, there was no one there.

Event Number 3
My eldest daughter was watching a Disney movie and i received a phone call on my mobile. I made my way upstairs so I didn’t disturb her watching the film too much. After the phone call ended I lay on the bed for a minute just to have a break from Disney and chill my phone for a few minutes before heading back down. I heard my daughter start to come up the stairs and out of my peripheral vision I saw her stop at the doorway as if to wait for me to look so she could ask me a question. I looked over but there was no one there. Thinking she must have given up waiting I got up quickly and rushed to catch her up. I came downstairs but according to my wife, my daughter hadn’t moved from the sofa. And if you’re wondering if it could have been my youngest daughter, she hadn’t been born at this point.

Event Number 4
This happens on more than one occasion but i thought I would just categorize it as an overall event.
My Xbox is in the spare room. When I play on it i chill out in a lazy boy chair and one of my two cats will tend to come and lie on me for some fuss or a nap. There has been many occasions where the cat just wont settle down properly and stares at the doorway as if something is there. So much so I end up turning around to see nothing of interest. I have got up before to investigate whether it could be a small bug that they have spotted but it always turns out that there’s nothing there.

Event Number 5
Again this is something that has happened on more than one occasion.
When it comes to evening time I close the downstairs doors so I don’t have to chase the cats about upstairs just before going to sleep. One night the sound of cats running about upstairs was heard through the ceiling. My wife turned to me and said “You left the door open again, the cats are upstairs.”. We then both look around and see both the cats are downstairs sleeping in their favourite nap places and no one is upstairs.

So there you have it! The events that have unfolded so far in this house. I don’t feel like anything is here to harm us but there has certainly been a few events happen that I’ve not been able to explain.
I’ll keep you up to date if anything else unfolds. I’m reluctant to investigate further due what I was saying in a previous blog post so I feel its best to just let it run it’s course.

Thanks for stopping by to read this blog post.
If you have any comments then please feel free to share your views.