So you’re in your home and you get that eerie feeling. Maybe like you’re being watched or you have a sudden feeling of dread.
Do you investigate? This is a predicament I have been battling for some time now.
Lets do what most people do and make a list! The pros and cons!

Get the adrenaline flowing you might just find something
You’ll find out if it’s really something from the other side or maybe just paranoia
What better way to test your equipment than in your own environment
Brush up on your techniques
Proceed with either a cleanse, make a friend, or seek further help

So these are all well and good if you are in control of the situation. What about the…

Inviting whatever it is could increase activity
You could lose control of the situation
The ‘presence’ may act innocent at first but could in fact be something darker
If you have family in the house do you want to get them involved in this?
What if there’s more than one?

I’ve gone for an even amount of what I feel are the most important pros and cons for this. Personally I believe it’s all down to the circumstances that you are in. I can’t think of anything worse than luring something dark in and it having an affect on my family.
I’d rather investigate elsewhere and command not to be followed home. But that’s just me.
If anyone else has any suggestions or input on this please make a comment I would be very interested in what you have to say.

Thank’s for reading this post. For now its goodbye until next time!