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What’s this site all about?!

So the page is still under construction and I’m sure anyone who stumbles onto here is wondering what this is going to be about.

Well…the topics covered in this blog site will mainly be about Paranormal happenings whether that be from around the world, on your TV or even movies in the theaters near you. To put it bluntly its anything and everything that we can get our hands on and share to the people who have an interest and want to listen.

Paranormal Horizon is currently a one man site from someone who has a keen interest in the paranormal. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs as much as I will enjoy posting them.

Check back for regular postings or follow us on social media sites as we grow our profile to the big wide world.

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Paranormal Equipment Game Changer?

All kinds of Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) equipment has been developed throughout the years. Since the first developments of recording equipment there have been unknown voices captured who people believe to be spirit voices where the voices of the deceased are trying (and in some cases able) to communicate with the living world.

Let’s go back to the 70’s where a Latvian parapsychologist called Konstantin Raudive is hard at work developing ways to communicate with the deceased. Through his years of pioneering work he released a book called ‘Breakthrough’. Included in the book was something called the ‘Raudive Diode’.

Now anyone is able to re-create this and many have. The way it works is it only captures voices that come through radio frequencies. Without going too in-depth the diode is structured inside a Faraday cage to stop any radio stations getting through. You can not record human voices because of this. This meant that if you wanted to record your own voice for questions you would need a second device to record that segment then edit later on. The problem with that is people may believe that tampering has occurred which is the opposite of what we, as paranormal investigators, are trying to work against.

So the ‘game changer’ has come from a company called “Photomix” who have developed the Raudive Diode with a switch to allow an external microphone to record voices from the living for questions then to switch back for the, hopefully, spirit response. This again is a bit of a game changer as it now allows day time investigations. The reason why a lot of popular TV shows investigate at night, apart from the fact it creates a thrilling atmosphere, is to lower the possibility of sound contamination from animal or busy city life etc. Investigating during these ‘ghostly’ hours means that most of the world is asleep and contamination is dropped to a minimum. While it’s still not great for using other pieces of equipment this gives the opening for possible short day time investigations.

I have ordered one of these for myself and now the hard part of waiting patiently for the item to arrive has begun. Upon arrival and a couple of experiments I will post a review of the item for a better idea on what the item has to offer.

If you are interested in this product please visit sites such as ‘Etsy’ and search “Raudive Diode” or for another site use this link…

I am in no way an affiliate of the product I’m simply sharing my findings to other people who may share the same interests as me with the paranormal.

Alternatively you can YouTube “Raudive Diode” and see what results others have had.

Again, I want to thank you for stopping by to read this blog. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and I will post again soon.


Thoughts on Out of Body Experiences

I like to believe that I have an open mind to all things in the world and one topic that I like to look at is Out of Body Experiences (OBE).

I have no recollection of ever having an OBE but I certainly do take an interest in people and their views on the topic.

I have found that just like the topic on Ghosts it is something that dates way back! One thing I have found as a common link tends to be a link with a near/successful death experience.

Now before I go any further on this lets take a step back and look at the picture as a whole.

If there really is something that leaves our physical body when we pass on, containing our conscious and our thoughts, then doesn’t that mean that this something is always inside of us? SO if this is the case then surely there are ways and means to ‘release’ this whether willingly or not? I have to admit I find it amusing when I talk to people about the paranormal and the conversation in a nutshell tends to go “Ghosts? – Sure!” “OBE – Well now you’re just being silly!”.

I don’t understand how some people will believe so strongly in something that’s deemed as paranormal but make up rules and regulations on another topic of it when there simply aren’t any hard or fast rules to this.

But anyway I digress. Let’s get back on point.


So from what I have heard and read about OBE it is when the spirit where the conscience lives is able to leave the physical body and access the spirit world while still being attached to the physical body.

The attachment has been described as a silver cord which comes out of the belly button, quite similar to an umbilical cord. This allows the spirit traveler to stay attached to the physical body so they are able to return to the world we live and know of.

So this cord is made of stern stuff. It is something that is very difficult to break. I’ve heard two answers on “What happens if for some reason it does break”. One answer is you get thrown straight back into your physical body with a bit of a jolt and the second answer is the opposite where it just takes you  a bit longer to get back. Nothing like something out of the Insidious films but my knowledge on the subject is limited. Also i’m inexperienced in it myself.

I have heard of the odd horror stories of people undertaking an OBE only to find a demon stood over them or waiting by their body for when they return so if you are thinking of giving this a go maybe look into protection on the other side before hand.

I know one of the pioneers in EVP and the paranormal in general, George Meek, had also performed OBE. He was able to capture some interesting pictures which he showed at some of his talks. These can be found on either Google or YouTube and are quite compelling.

Other stories on the subject tend to be a lot from patients who are in surgery and are able to pass on information on things they have seen on top of lockers etc while they had the experienc

So I just wanted to write this article as more of a quick way to get my limited knowledge of what i know out there and see if any readers would like to comment on their thoughts or experiences with this. A topic that for me is extremely fascinating as it, in theory, offers a glimpse into the what is waiting for us when we pass.

Of course it could just be some people having a dream but I’ll leave that there for now and let anyone wanting to comment to do so.

Thank you for reading this article. I look forward to any responses!




It’s not been a good week in the press for the paranormal.

It has been recently hit by a news article regarding Professor Brian Cox and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) where.

Professor Cox has declared that the evidence states there is no such thing as ghosts because if there is, due to the energy levels used to interact with our bodies, it would have been detected by the LHC by now.

So if this is the case, who have all the pioneers of the past been communicating with? Has it all been a fake?

The likes of Konstantin Raudive, who developed extensive research equipment for Electronic Voice Phonomena (EVP) , Geroge Meek who not only managed to communicate with a deceased Dr but photographed his own out of body experience and Mark Macy who developed the Illuminator which has been designed to show faces of the deceased over the top of your own?

Not to mention previous inventors like Thomas Edison who believed he could in fact create a phone that could communicate with the dead. Unfortunately the inventor passed away before he could complete his work.

This is but a short list of what has been seen as paranormal progress over the years.

In more modern times YouTube is flooded with unexplained paranormal activity as well as reality TV shows. We see Huff paranormal frequently communicate with the other side and we watch the guys on TV such as Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown constantly retrieve evidence from supposedly haunted locations.

Could every single one of these be fake?

I have my own beliefs but what do you think?

Read the full article here


Putting Pen (or Pencil) to Paper for Talking to Spirits

So there’s a few non-electrical ways that have come about over the years for making contact with the spirit world.

One that seems to be famous in both reality and the big screens is the Ouija Board. But what other ways have been developed using just stationery around the house?

Now I’m only going to skim the surface on these ones. If any of these take your fancy and you want to give them a go please look into the safe way to do these. You don’t want anything unwanted hanging around afterwards.

So now I’ve mentioned the bit to be mindful of, let’s move on.

Charlie Charlie

This is known as either the Charlie Charlie pencil game or the Charlie Charlie Challenge. The way this works is a piece of paper (typically A4 size) is divided into four sections. The words “YES” or “NO” are placed in each of the boxes. There is never the same answer next to each so for example working from Top left and working clockwise round  it would go “YES”, “NO”, “YES”, “NO”. Hopefully you’re still following me at this point and I haven’t confused things! Next two pencils are placed on the page following the dividing line so they are in neutral positions and take the shape of a cross or +. It is important to note that the top pencil should be balancing and should not have an end touching the paper.

Now that you’re all set up it’s time to ‘play’ the game. When you ask questions you kind of follow the same guidelines of Simon Says. Before you ask a question you are supposed to say “Charlie Charlie” first. So for example “Charlie Charlie can we play?”. You then wait for the top pencil to move to line up with either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

After watching a few videos on this and trying to find some ‘rules’, the best I could find is that at the end you ask if it is ok to leave the game and then you are to break the pencils. If the stories on this are true then it is wise to follow this closure as it is said that Charlie is in fact a demon that will happily hang around afterwards and cause mischief if the opportunity arises.

Automatic Writing

So with automatic writing it’s combining meditation along with your stationery equipment. By entering a meditating state you open your mind up to channeling a spirit and you simply start to write on the paper in this channeling state. When you come out of this state there should be words on the paper that you don’t remember writing. Now although this blog post is about using stationary,you can technically use a laptop/computer and do the same to type into a word document. It’s that simple, in theory! Of course taking yourself to that state without dropping the pen/pencil or falling asleep is probably the most challenging part. This is something I have not tried yet but my guess is it’s something you can only become good at with practice and the right frame of mind.

Planchette Writing

This is the one that needs something slightly more than your average stationary and something I have done on a ‘commercial’ ghost night. A planchette which is a essentially a small piece of wood (“Little Plank” in French) on wheels with a pen/pencil in the middle of it, on this particular night it was a dry wipe marker on a white board, is placed in the middle of the board. The words “YES” and “NO” were written on opposite ends with the centre being a kind of don’t know or don’t want to answer area. A small group (including myself at one stage) would lightly place their hands on the object to transfer energy. Each person would then take it in turn to ask the YES/NO question and see if there was any movement. If there is, after each movement, the planchette is placed back into the centre to reset and ask another question.

On the night that I went there was different speeds of movement at different parts of the seance. This is believed to be different spirits taking control of the planchette to answer the questions. What I liked about it was the change of the whole feel or energy in the room which seemed to be when there was a kind of changeover. Then at the end when it all started to go quiet the energy started to feel flat and it all came to a natural end.

There was no need to close any portals or break anything to end this method apart from being polite and thanking the spirits for their participation in helping our research.


So there’s some simple ways to communicate with spirits. If you have tried any of these then please comment and let me know how it went. Also by all means help fill in any information I have missed on these three topics or if you have any Do’s and Don’ts that you feel need to be shared.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it’s one that you have enjoyed.


P-SB7 Spirit Box Review

What is it?

This is quite a popular piece of investigating equipment which most people will recognise from the famous paranormal TV show, Ghost Adventures. It is a box that when used will scan the radio frequencies without stopping.

So how does it work?

Due the constant scanning over the frequencies the spirit box generates white noise which opens up the possibility of real time spirit communication. The rate at which the box scans is determined by the user but I personally like to have it on the quickest. This is so that if a voice does come through, it will be the same voice over several frequencies. This helps validate it as evidence because if it was a radio station coming through it would change as the frequency changes.

But…does it work?

The short answer in my opinion is yes! It’s certainly not something magical that as soon as you turn it on you are going to be able to have hours of conversations with one spirit but it is certainly a good tool to get started. Like anything else when it comes to investigations you need to approach it with patience and respect. But I’m not here to preach about the code of paranormal investigations that’s a whole different story for another time. Back to why we’re here…the review. Let’s break it down into the classic heading ratings below.


Quality 3/5 – It’s made from plastic to keep it light weight and when you hold it it feels a     little flimsy in places.

Ease of use 4/5 – I personally had pretty much no issues with this. It was a case of a quick play and off we go

Communication 4/5 – This is mainly down to the user and knowing what to listen out for. Many times when i started out I didn’t understand a lot of what was said until I watched/listened to a recording played back.

Price 3/5 – I picked mine up for about £70 online. The reason why I don’t rate this any higher is because it is a commercialised ‘Shack Hack’. The only difference with this is can choose the speed of the sweep and if you want to sweep through the frequencies forwards or backwards.

Power 5/5 – Just a couple of batteries and you’re on your way. Personally I find they last a decent amount of time as well but I do remove the batteries after every use.

Design 3/5 – A couple of flaws that knock the score on this one. The main one for me is the built in speaker. It works better with a speaker plugged into the headphone socket. The P-SB7 spirit box that I bought came with one that can be charged USB which suits quite well. The other point I find a bit of a floor is if you leave the batteries in, with the power off, it still displays the battery meter on the screen which slowly but surely drains them.

Overall 4.4/5 – So overall it scores quite high for me. A step in the right direction for people wanting to get into understanding and practicing ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) to make contact with spirits or to find their own evidence on if there really is something else that happens when we die.

I hope this review has been helpful to some of you. If you have anything you would like to comment on then please don’t hesitate. Thank you for reading this blog post.


The First Something or Nothing

A fair few investigations ago, when I admittedly got caught up in the paranormal hype on the TV, I decided to pick up a night vision camera, a spirit box and a dictaphone to head out and find my own evidence on whether there is life after death!

We (my brother and I) found an abandoned asylum not 10 minutes from where I live and headed out in an early afternoon for an investigation that we though would change our view on the afterlife forever.

As I got closer to where the sat nav was taking us it dawned on me that I had no idea what I was doing! The closest I had ever got to this kind of work was watching 3 famous ghost ‘adventurers’ on my TV.

The destination is reached and we make a recce of where we want to conduct this investigation.

All the windows are boarded up with a tall metal fence around the perimeter displaying a “No Trespassing” sign. We shimmy under the fence but have no joy at gaining entry. Outside one of the windows I turn on the P-SB7 box and attempt to make contact….

Minutes pass and nothing comes through. After a few walk rounds of the outside we decide to head back feeling a little disheartened.

We notice in the woodland an entrance to a tunnel. I remembered that a lot of hospitals/asylums had underground tunnels to get from ward to ward.

So we descend. Its pitch black and I forgot to set my camera to manual focus so I don’t even get anything descent to look navigate me properly on my viewfinder.

Feeling a little out of our depth we decide to call it quits there and come back at a later date.

The car journey home was chit chat about what we should and could have done better ready for next time.

I get back and listen to the dictaphone only to hear nothing that I was hoping for. I watch through the poor workmanship on the camera squinting at all the minor details wishing for something to appear on a broken window or door….nothing.

Then it gets to the tunnel and as I sit there starting to daydream about something else, a sound ever so subtle grabs my attention.

Let me know what you think. I have the clip playing normally once then slowed down for the second time. You hear the camera trying to focus, a popping sound then what I believe to be a voice talking. But its extremely muffled as if someone has come right up to the microphone and spoken too close for the microphone to record cleanly.

I believe this to be a type C EVP but what do you think? Did I get something, or nothing apart from wishful thinking?

Paranormal Happenings

I had never had any kind of encounter that I was aware of with the paranormal.
That was until I moved into my latest house!
Now I’ve been here for a few years, and I have to say it hasn’t been like something out of a movie but more like subtle hints with events that have unfolded over time.

Below is a list of events that have happened with short descriptions.

Event Number 1
When my daughter was born I used a white noise generator app on my smartphone to sooth her when she got really unsettled.
There was one particular time I used it where a voice came through. It wasn’t long enough to make a sentence or even a word but it was enough for my wife and I to look at each other as with a confused expression as if to say “Did you just hear that?”

Event Number 2
One of the nights when our youngest daughter was still a baby and sleeping in our room, I had gone to sleep in the spare room due to having a bad cough that kept waking all three of us up in the night. My wife woke up to the feeling of me pressing down on her back to find her whereabouts in the bed so I could climb in quietly and go back to sleep. When my wife rolled over to greet me, there was no one there.

Event Number 3
My eldest daughter was watching a Disney movie and i received a phone call on my mobile. I made my way upstairs so I didn’t disturb her watching the film too much. After the phone call ended I lay on the bed for a minute just to have a break from Disney and chill my phone for a few minutes before heading back down. I heard my daughter start to come up the stairs and out of my peripheral vision I saw her stop at the doorway as if to wait for me to look so she could ask me a question. I looked over but there was no one there. Thinking she must have given up waiting I got up quickly and rushed to catch her up. I came downstairs but according to my wife, my daughter hadn’t moved from the sofa. And if you’re wondering if it could have been my youngest daughter, she hadn’t been born at this point.

Event Number 4
This happens on more than one occasion but i thought I would just categorize it as an overall event.
My Xbox is in the spare room. When I play on it i chill out in a lazy boy chair and one of my two cats will tend to come and lie on me for some fuss or a nap. There has been many occasions where the cat just wont settle down properly and stares at the doorway as if something is there. So much so I end up turning around to see nothing of interest. I have got up before to investigate whether it could be a small bug that they have spotted but it always turns out that there’s nothing there.

Event Number 5
Again this is something that has happened on more than one occasion.
When it comes to evening time I close the downstairs doors so I don’t have to chase the cats about upstairs just before going to sleep. One night the sound of cats running about upstairs was heard through the ceiling. My wife turned to me and said “You left the door open again, the cats are upstairs.”. We then both look around and see both the cats are downstairs sleeping in their favourite nap places and no one is upstairs.

So there you have it! The events that have unfolded so far in this house. I don’t feel like anything is here to harm us but there has certainly been a few events happen that I’ve not been able to explain.
I’ll keep you up to date if anything else unfolds. I’m reluctant to investigate further due what I was saying in a previous blog post so I feel its best to just let it run it’s course.

Thanks for stopping by to read this blog post.
If you have any comments then please feel free to share your views.

When there’s something strange!

So you’re in your home and you get that eerie feeling. Maybe like you’re being watched or you have a sudden feeling of dread.
Do you investigate? This is a predicament I have been battling for some time now.
Lets do what most people do and make a list! The pros and cons!

Get the adrenaline flowing you might just find something
You’ll find out if it’s really something from the other side or maybe just paranoia
What better way to test your equipment than in your own environment
Brush up on your techniques
Proceed with either a cleanse, make a friend, or seek further help

So these are all well and good if you are in control of the situation. What about the…

Inviting whatever it is could increase activity
You could lose control of the situation
The ‘presence’ may act innocent at first but could in fact be something darker
If you have family in the house do you want to get them involved in this?
What if there’s more than one?

I’ve gone for an even amount of what I feel are the most important pros and cons for this. Personally I believe it’s all down to the circumstances that you are in. I can’t think of anything worse than luring something dark in and it having an affect on my family.
I’d rather investigate elsewhere and command not to be followed home. But that’s just me.
If anyone else has any suggestions or input on this please make a comment I would be very interested in what you have to say.

Thank’s for reading this post. For now its goodbye until next time!


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